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Whether or not such access to and use of this site is actually authorized by you, you will be solely responsible for all communications and transmissions made as well as all obligations (including, without limitation, financial obligations) incurred through such access or use by anyone using the verification/Authentication or Discount code originally assigned to you. The Verification/Authentication or Discount code that was given to you must be kept personal and secure at all times. Any unauthorized use of your codes or any other security breach or potential security breach of this Site must be reported right away to



Except as otherwise provided elsewhere in this Agreement or on the site, anything that you submit or post to the site and/or provide , including, without limitation, ideas, know-how, techniques, questions, reviews, comments, and suggestions (collectively, "Submissions") is and will be treated as non-confidential and nonproprietary, and by submitting or posting, you agree to irrevocably license the entry and all IP rights related thereto (excluding the moral rights such as authorship right) to without charge and shall have the royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and transferable right to use, Copy, Distribute, Display, Publish, perform, Sell, Lease, Transmit, Adapt, Create Derivative works from such Submissions by any means and in any form, and to Translate, Modify, Reverse-engineer, Disassemble, or Decompile such Submissions. Stunner will automatically acquire ownership of all Submissions; they won't be returned to you, and you agree not to file any claims over future uses of the entries by Stunner Shoes Ghana. Additionally, we have the right to publish or remove any comment that aims to offend other visitors to this website. You guarantee that your submissions, in whole or in part, are free of errors and do not violate anyone's intellectual property rights. disclaims all responsibility for any violations of your copyright or other third-party rights. You undertake to defense for and indemnify the Sponsor against any losses caused due to the use of the entries for any purposes.

You grant the right to use the name that you submit with any review, comment, or other content, if any, in connection with that review, comment, or other content, in addition to the rights applicable to any Submission, when you post comments or reviews to the site. You affirm and guarantee that you possess or otherwise have the legal authority to grant the evaluations, comments, and other Content that you publish on this website, and that will not violate any third parties' rights by using any of your reviews, comments, or other Content. The origin of any Submissions or Content may not be concealed from or third parties by the use of a false email address, impersonating another person, or any other means. is free to delete or amend any Submissions (comments or reviews), but it is not required to do so.



On the website of, all text, graphics, photos, or other images, button icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, trade names, word software, and other contents (collectively, "Content") are either the sole property of or its appropriate content suppliers or are non-copyright materials. Without Stunner Shoes Ghana's express prior written consent, you are not permitted to use, reproduce, copy, modify, transmit, display, publish, sell, license, publicly perform, distribute or otherwise commercially exploit any of the Content. You may also not otherwise dispose of any of the Content in a manner not permitted by On, the use of data mining, robots, or comparable data collection and extraction technologies Additionally, it is completely forbidden to use trademarks or service marks in meta-tags. You may only access and use the Content for personal information purposes, as well as for website purchasing and ordering, and for no other reason. The compilation of all information on this website (the "Compilation") is the sole property of Stunner Shoes Ghana’s Contents and Compilations may not be used in a way that disparages or discredits the website, creates confusion, or violates any laws or rules that may be in force. and/or its software providers are the rightful owners of all software utilized on this website (the "Software"). State, national, and international copyright laws protect the Content, Compilation, and Software. reserves all rights not specifically granted. Infringers will face the worst penalties permitted by the law.

All trademarks and copyrights are acknowledged and respected by Therefore, has no affiliation with any utilization of television, motion picture, music, film festival, or other names or titles, which are the sole property of the copyright or trademark holders. Our shoes are replicas of items worn by celebrities on the red carpet and in your favorite television programs, but they are not affiliated with these programs in any way and are not intended to violate any registered trademarks or copyrights. Instead, they are inspired by celebrity style.


LIABILITY EXCLUSION AND LIMITATION provides this website, the products offered for sale on it, and the transactions carried out through it on a "as is" basis, unless expressly stated otherwise in the normal terms of sale that govern the same of each product on this site. Except as expressly stated here, and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site or the information, content, materials, or products included on this site. disclaims all representations and guarantees, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of title, quiet enjoyment, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. This website could contain typographical, factual, or other errors. makes no guarantees on the continuity or absence of errors in the content. shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, including but not limited to indirect, incidental, punitive, exemplary, special, or consequential damages, to the fullest extent permitted by law.'s total liability to you for any damages (regardless of the basis for the action) shall not, in the aggregate, exceed the fees actually paid by you to during the month prior to the act allegedly giving rise to's liability. and/or the seller will follow the platform's warranty guidelines only in cases where damage is related to the merchandise and there are legitimate, verified manufacturing flaws. and/or the seller are not responsible for any losses brought on by a customer's improper use, carelessness, or other factors that are not product defects.



Customers are required by Customs requirements to give true and correct information. All names, addresses, and payers' names must be accurate. To clear the package or verify the payment, some nations ask the consignee to provide their passport or ID. Customers are solely accountable for the data's accuracy when providing it to us. We shall not be held liable for inaccurate information that prevents shipments, delivery, or customs clearance and we will not provide compensation in such circumstances.

The users of are respectfully reminded to always abide by the law. Customers are responsible for adhering to all local rules and regulations as the importer. . Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.



Please be aware that occasionally we may have to refuse or cancel an order. retains the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason at its sole discretion. Limitations on the number of items that can be ordered, inconsistencies or errors in product or pricing information, or issues discovered by our credit and fraud prevention department are a few instances that could lead to the cancellation of your order. Before approving any order, we can additionally need more proof or information. If your order is canceled in whole or in part, or if more information is needed to accept it, we will get in touch with you.

Both parties acknowledge that after order dispatch, the third-party logistics provider shall be solely responsible for transportation. During this time, the buyer has complete ownership of the product(s); however, you can refer to our No Reason Return Policy. The customer is also responsible for all connected liability and transportation risks.

For late deliveries for special occasions, such as birthdays or other festivities, is not liable. To guarantee there is ample time for delivery, we advise clients to place their orders in advance.

Through banners and mailings, we warned clients about the busy Christmas season in advance and provided recommendations for the final order date and shipping options during this time. As a result, we cannot be held liable if a product does not arrive in time for Christmas.


All orders that shipping providers claim as "delivered" are taken to have been done so. In this situation, is not accountable for non-delivery.



Please take note that only paid, processing, and partially sent orders can be modified owing to shipping restrictions. Any other orders or order details cannot be changed or cancelled. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can at if you want to cancel a packed or shipped order. Our staff members will make every effort to help you. Please accept the items if an order cannot be canceled and is shipped out, in which case our warranty will apply.



Although presently only ships to the United States, it is willing to ship to any other nation provided a customs agency can work with Please see our shipping policy.

Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate the potential costs due to the broad regional differences in tax and customs regulations. Please get in touch with your neighborhood customs office or go to their official website for further information. Customs clearance processes may be required in some instances, which could impact the delivery time we initially estimated. Please be aware that cannot reflect a value lower than the real product price or list purchased items as a gift in compliance with customs laws.


CUSTOMER CONDUCT GUIDELINES strives to satisfactorily address every single customer's concern. We, however, will not put up with any improper or unreasonable conduct from employees of our Customer Service Team.

Examples of unacceptable conduct directed at customer service representatives or include any of the following:

  • -Behavior that is aggressive, abusive, and threatening. Examples include any and all direct or implicit threats on any communication channel, threatening language, verbal and physical abuse, sexist, racial, or homophobic remarks, rudeness, provocative remarks, profanity, and unfounded charges.
  • -Repeated complaints that continue despite reasonable and fair remedies being provided in accordance with our policies, as well as frequently making demanding or vexatious complaints despite the issue having been properly addressed.
  • -Asking, expecting, or requiring employees to go beyond established corporate policy, such as the amount of a refund, a deadline, extra remuneration, etc.; similarly, aiming for an improbable result outside the bounds of our own policies and processes. By default, the refund cannot be for more than what was paid for the original order at
  • -Continually altering the nature (or focus) of a complaint or the intended result after an official response has been given.
  • -An excessive quantity of complaints when compared to the history of all purchases.
  • For such conduct, complainants may be formally informed of and advised of the following:
  • -Their language is completely disrespectful, insulting, nasty, and frightening.

If they continue this behavior, there won't be any more correspondence on the subject.

Stunner Shoes Ghana retains the right to stop taking orders from the customer in the future without providing any additional notice.



Only issues involving customer service are covered by this procedure. Please see our legal window here for specific legal questions such as copyright:

If a consumer is unhappy with the resolution provided by our customer service, they may contact our customer service supervisor by sending an email to



Although makes every effort to present accurate product and pricing information, mistakes in pricing or typos may happen. Until you place an order, cannot confirm an item's price. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders made for a given item if it is listed at an inaccurate price or with incorrect information owing to a mistake in pricing or product information. may, in the case that an item is mispriced, either get in touch with you to ask for instructions or cancel your order and let you know about it.


DIFFERENT CURRENCY PRICING bases the cost of its products on calculations made in US dollars (US$). According to the most recent exchange rates, prices shown in other currencies are converted from U.S. Dollars. Prices shown on the Site in non-U.S. denominations of currency, other than on the specific product page, may not be the most recent due to changing exchange rates. The Site may contain information on non-U.S. denominations of money in promotional banners, promotional pages, and on product category pages, among other places. No matter the currency denomination, the price shown on a specific product page represents the final amount in which you are obligated to pay, minus shipping. is not aware of any additional bank fees or exchange rate surcharges imposed by the issuing bank or a third-party payment processor and is not liable for them. is not responsible for paying these fees; the buyer is solely responsible for them.



The parties agree to submit any disputes they cannot resolve on their own within 30 days to the Trade Arbitration Commission (the "SCIA") for arbitration. The arbitration will take place in accordance with the Commission's arbitration rules in effect at the time the request for arbitration is made. The arbitral decisions are final and enforceable against both parties. Non-individual class actions against are not permitted. By LAW Without regard to rules of conflicts of laws, the law alone shall govern and be construed with respect to these requirements.



You acknowledge that's remedy at law for any actual or threatened violation of this Agreement would be deficient and that shall be entitled to specific performance or injunctive relief, or both, in addition to any damages that may be legally entitled to recover, along with reasonable costs of any form of dispute resolution, including, without limitation, attorneys' fees.

No legal or equitable right or remedy of, including, without limitation, damages, injunctive relief, lawyers' fees and costs, shall be exclusive of any other.

No waiver by of its rights or remedies under these terms and conditions shall be deemed to be a continuing duty to waive similar or other rights or remedies.



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Stunner Shoes Ghana offers multiple warehouses from which to ship. Depending on stock levels, we have the right to divide orders for several items into multiple deliveries. I appreciate your patience.

For a seamless delivery, customers are strongly encouraged to purchase shipping insurance (if applicable) during the checkout process. Stunner Shoes Ghana does not accept liability for any orders that are not insured as we dispatch all orders in good faith (refer to return policy). We ship anything the buyer orders. If a consumer places the incorrect order, we are not responsible if they receive the incorrect item.

Stunner Shoes Ghana store cannot be held responsible if a parcel is returned to us if a delivery is unsuccessful for any reason and the address shipped to was the correct address as provided by the customer. These terms constitute a contract between you and Our Company in the event that you decide to pay with a credit card and the transaction is carried out through a European Acquirer. For any other purchases, you and Stunner Shoes Ghana are bound by these conditions, and Stunner Shoes Ghana will be the one to provide the goods and/or services.


Any concerns about missing packages should be submitted as soon as possible to our Support Center. Any flat-rate shipping, standard shipping, or priority shipping deliveries will no longer be accepted for any reimbursement after 3 months from the shipment date, or 4 months for deliveries made by Ghanaian postal service. Additionally, complaints about expedited delivery must be made within three months of the day the goods were delivered. Please take note that this does not apply in cases of expedited shipment where the item appears to have been delivered on the shipping company's website.